Why being on the Norton Jury is cool...

Every other day-ish, packages show up from across the country with gorgeous hardcover books that publishers want me to read. Swoon. It's kind of the best thing ever.



Congrats to all the lovely peeps who made the Hugo ballot. My favorite meta nomination? “The Drink Tank’s Hugo Acceptance Speech” which, as far as I know, is the footage from the awards show last year wherein Christopher J Garcia and James Bacon flipped out when they won the award. Awesome.


Everyone's doing it (awards nominations)

This year wasn't huge on the short fiction front for me, though I did have a lot of nice reprint and audio sales. I did have one story though, and it happens to be my most favorite short story I've ever written, published by Giganatosaurus. It's a novelette called The Migratory Patterns of Dancers and if you want to go take a look at it that would be lovely. It's eligible for Hugos and Nebs and World Fantasy awards as a novelette, I believe.


Oh, and I'm reading for the Nebulas, so if you have something up for an award, or you think something is a terrific read, let me know.


Hugo Thoughts

I watched the livestream of the Hugos last night while eating chocolate ice cream and being annoyed by my S.O. who said things like, why is no one who wins an award there? And why didn't we go, it's not that far away? And, can I have the rest of your ice cream?

Anyways, I enjoyed it a lot, in part for the incredible love, sweetness, and awkwardness of people. It's not a world of typical glamor or coolness, and that of course makes it all the more cool.

The best bits were:

Lev Grossman very openly and honestly saying it took him a long time to figure his life out. I'm a sucker for people admitting hardship.

Chris Garcia losing his shit in a beautiful and manic way. I think he's what everyone who wins an award feels like on the inside, but he externalized it.

A shout out from Allen Steele to his wife for "putting up with the strangest shit a woman has ever had to put up with." I couldn't stop giggling about that.

And Robert Silverburg being supremely awesome and dryly hilarious.


Very Small Con

I am not at Worldcon. I am at Very Small Con. One of my goals this year is going to more cons, and perhaps I will accomplish this by making them up. It is very cozy at very small con and they have lots of vegetarian food and bathrooms. Also, boyfriends and babies.

The Hugos will be happening at Worldcon on Saturday (which I keep thinking is today), and I am crossing my fingers and toes for the intensely talented Rachel Swirsky, the marvelous maverick Nick Mamatas, and the alluring Aliette de Bodard. May you all win little rocket ships of glory.



My girl Rachel Swirsky won a Nebula award! I'm extremely pleased because the story is great and Rachel is one of those spec fic writers who seriously explores power and oppression, particularly well in regards to sexuality and gender. She's very much in the Butler, Russ, LeGuin, Piercy canon, while bringing updated and smart social theory to the floor. So yay, and party time, and I didn't even know it was possible for Ted Chiang to lose anything he's ever been nominated for. (Huge love to his story, which was predictably amazing, ambitious, and smart.)

Read Rachel's story at:



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