I had another kid a couple weeks ago. Don't think I posted that here. The birth was okay. It kind of sucked. It didn't happen like I wanted it to. Parts were great. I narrowly avoided a C-Section. I didn't have any freaky medical things happen.

The baby is delicious and the opposite of his little/big sister. He is the chillest chillmeister in chill-ville, where she was beautifully demanding from jump. He's in full on grub stage at the moment. Awaking to eat to sleep. I love him but I don't know him yet. I guess love is often like that.

We are trying to figure out how to do two kids, and don't know how to at all and know there are some tools we will gain but are mostly super-confused about how to raise kids well in our less-than-kid-friendly country.

Oh, and his name is Judah, named after Judah Low from the Iron Council, an ambiguous hero, a revolutionary, and a golem-maker.


Notes from the New City

1. I'm enjoying wandering around San Francisco, always a bit lost, always discovering something just around the corner. My latest favorite is the children's museum on the top of a small mountain full of wounded crows, hissing cockroaches, and invasive turtles.

2. I had dinner last night with Aliette de Bodard, her lovely husband Mathieu (sp?), Jason Ridler, Erin Hoffman, and Nick Mamatas at a lovely tea shop that overlooked a waterfall park downtown. For me, hanging out with writers can be challenging sometimes, especially when it goes down the road of everyone feeling a bit insecure and therefore trying to prove to each other how great they are at the writing show. This was the delicious opposite of that, and it made me feel very pleased to be right here right now.

3. The baby, we are teaching her to sleep and somehow this means we don't get to sleep much. I'm living in a semi-stoned state where I don't catch half of what people say and time just drifts by. Still, I love it. Having tried and failed failed failed to get pregnant for almost 3 years has made me a more graceful parent, I think. I'm keenly aware how lucky I am to have a kid.

Baby Jail

Lyra in her crib, planning her devious escape.


There oughta be a law.

There oughta be a law against five-month-old babies being able to crawl.


The Mighty Sparrow

Thought it was about time I figured out how to post a picture of the bug. She learned how to eat her foot this week, and then promptly started chomping on her calf. The kid is flexible.


Fluent in Raspberries

At first, the baby thought it was funny when we gave her raspberries. Then she started doing them with her lips too, and she's at the stage where she doesn't do much, so we did it back to her a lot and all the Sparrows thought it was hilarious. But now? She's sitting around in a spit covered onesie, convinced, I'm sure, that this is the primary form of human communication and she's well on the way to deciphering the language of the giants.



The baby had not pooped for four days, and seemed rather fussy and annoyed by this fact. I felt anxious. Then I went to a doctor friend's house for dinner last night, and she said she knew of a baby who went 19 days without pooping. Where does it go? Apparently, breast milk is such a digestible food that sometimes there is no waste product from it.

You all know what this means, right?

Clearly, Paul Atreides was sucking on breast milk when he was running around Arrakis in his still suit, but Frank Herbert just failed to mention this fact.


On Saturday....

I went and got me a 9 pound 2 ounce baby. It was a pretty dramatic and difficult experience, but oh man, this kid is the best and I feel like I'm falling, falling, falling in love. Pictures will come when I join the twenty first century and stop being such a lud.


Awww... cute!

I just received the motherload of onesies, wraps, beanies, and toys from my big sister. I'm really not one for cuteness, but dear lord, baby stuff is adorable.



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