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Gods, big and little

In relation to some story I've got brewing, I've been thinking a lot about Gods as metaphors for manifestations of power, particularly in specific places, i.e. San Francisco, since that's where I'm living these days. I've been mulling over how systems of power, and therefore metaphors of Gods, don't go away, but lose ascendancy and get assimilated, in part, by other more predominant power systems/Gods.

As per usual, I'm trying to find ways to daylight and play with power in my work, since I'm obsessed with sociology and power, resistance and points of change inside any system. I'm digging this metaphor, like many writers before me, as a useful way to embody certain moments and systems. Which sounds like some boring-ass story-making, but hopefully not, hopefully not.

Everywhere I go I'm noticing how the Tech God is king of SF these days, but also the Art, Catholic, Maritime, Queer, Hippy, and Radical Gods all still live here, too. I'm making note of all the ways they are forced to pay homage to Tech, predominately, of course, in how expensive this town is, and how the entry fees are super high. But also in all kinds of small ways, like how the tiny taqueria's have cell phone codes to scan and get discounts, or how every protest is organized and planned using Facebook and Google docs, or how the cafe down the street is crammed with gay men who are all fixated on their smart phones, tablets, and laptops.

And you, where you live, who are the specific Gods? Who's on top, who's losing ascendency, who's scrappily fighting their way up the pyramid of power.

Oh, and this just occurred to me, the agnostic raised by Buddhists and lapsed Christians: this might be offensive to some people? Sorry about that. Not trying to be a punker about anyone else's belief systems.


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