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July 6th, 2012


Nine days and counting until the Sparrows move, again, again, and at least this time we're going home for good and planning to stay there forever or you know, death. Even though I'm a rooted being, tt's interesting to live somewhere for a year and know it's only going to be a year and there are lots of things that aren't great, like not bothering to find and build community, but other things that I've fallen in love with like --

Living two blocks from the organic fruit and veg stand where they let the baby eat a roma tomato while I shop.

Going to Tuesday toddler time at the library and watching all the stony toddlers, the bored nannies, and the meltdowns. Oh, the meltdowns.

Taquerias and the constant influx of burritoes into my belly.

Living in a city where it's always more convenient not to drive. We have a car, but have barely used it and not due to our normal unhappiness about carbon footprints, but just that it's easier. Yay for public transit that works!

Having that city thing where the backyard is a secret oasis full of jasmine, cherry trees, and spiders.

All the hills in this town that you go up and up and think there must be something worthwhile at the top but then they just go down and down. Ha!

The hipsters who dress like we all did in the 80's, but what I mean by that is the way my peeps tried and failed to ever be cool, and I stare and try to find the sexy and I can't and it's so alien. I love that.

Dolores park and its constant party.

Graffiti. And murals. Everywhere. Like this town hates a blank wall and aches for it to be filled with art.

All the naked gay dudes in the Castro on cold and foggy days. Rock on.

The kid's museum full of rescued animals like angry crows, invasive turtles, and a duck in the petting zoo that likes to pet back.